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A single access point for all of your data. It is expensive, resource intensive, and time consuming to maintain separate systems for attendance, gradebook, state assessments, local assessments, discipline, grades, report cards, special education, parent portal and more. Fortunately, StudentTrac provides a single, centralized solution that is intuitive, highly configurable, and fully compliant with state and federal regulations. Our affordable, all-in-one system will steamline your reporting and allow you to focus on what matters – your students.

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Register Students Online

Everyone benefits from families being able to register their kids online. Paper registration involves hours of copying, sorting, filing and retrieving forms. When school signups become paperless, it frees up money and time that can be better used to focus on students.

Access Multiple Years of Student Data

StudentTrac uses state-of-the-art tools to provide easy, web-based access to all types of data. EDI does the heavy lifting to bring your data sources together so you can see everything you need in one place. This includes: student demographics, attendance and discipline, teacher and district assessments, state and national testing, scheduling and grades, and more.

What's more, there's no need for annual archiving. Our system is capable of handling multiple years of student data, so users can draw longitudinal reports.

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StudentTrac's progress report

Institute Digital Attendance & Progress Reports

Reduce your paperwork even further by taking attendance and delivering progress reports online. With StudentTrac, there's no need for office staff to input daily attendance. Our system compiles it for you. Further, when student and their families can check on their progress online at will, five-week hard-copy reports are dispensable.

Produce Detailed Reports

We understand that simply giving users the numbers is not enough, as data can become a detriment if it is analyzed incorrectly. With this in mind, EDI has built data analysis support directly into the system. Our pre-built StudentTrac reports are structured to encourage proper analysis and have footers that help users understand the data and avoid common mistakes.

For different types of analysis, StudentTrac gives users the ability to create custom reports and group by any dataset.

Detailed report of school's SAT/ACT results
StudentTrac's Compliance Reporting

Comply with Federal and State Reporting

The current education climate is impacted by accountability and stringent reporting demands. StudentTrac assists with in- and out-of-state and federal compliance. It is CSIS-compliant and CALPADS-capable. When new state or federal requirements arise, we will implement any needed changes to the system within the state- or federal-required time frame, so you can remain in compliance without missing a beat.

Analyze and Predict Students' Graduation

Staying on top of each student's path to graduation can seem impossible. But StudentTrac's multiple planning guide capability allows easy tracking of courses and credits, as well as intelligent education plan management. Teachers and administrators can tell at a glance whether students are on track, allowing them to intervene as necessary.

StudentTrac's Graduation Calculator
StudentTrac's student test scores page

Find Standardized Test Scores in One Place

With so many tests required by so many agencies, it can be hard to get a cohesive picture of how each student stacks up. StudentTrac helps clear things up by pulling all of that data together.

Create Digital Tests and Quizzes

Many schools asked for the ability to test students online through StudentTrac, and we delivered. You can easily create digital quizzes and tests through our system that students can then take online.

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