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Since our founding in 2002, Education Dynamics has been an ally to schools across the nation seeking to improve student safety, experience, and matriculation.

As a uniquely agile group of leaders and programmers - many of whom are former school district technologists, designers, engineers, and above all, enthusiastic problem-solvers - we've been able to produce customized software solutions for a variety of schools and program model types. We were honored to be recognized as one of 2019's Top 20 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers by CIO Review.

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Our Leadership Team

Robert Vartanian

Chief Information Officer

Driving revenue growth and operational scale, Robert has spent over 12 years providing key technology and strategic leadership to school management companies, including software and IT solution providers. 

Joanne Cabanting

Director of Operations

With more than 15 years industry experience in edTech, social media, digital marketing, and telecommunications, Joanne brings 360° technical and operational expertise in solution engineering, client delivery and organizational development. 

Richard Williams

Director of Engineering

Richard is an expert in the education sector with more than 20 years of hands-on and leadership experience with various technology companies, including Kaplan University, Discovery Inc. and AIMS Multimedia. He is the chief architect of EDI's flagship StudentTrac SIS platform and has a passion for delivering creative, flexible and scalable solutions.

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