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Our goal is the same as yours -- to promote equitable student access and success. We recognize that in order to focus on students' needs, you need to work smart. That's where StudentTrac, Education Dynamic's fully customizable Student Information System, fits in the picture.

StudentTrac is a centralized, cloud-based SIS solution that saves administrative time and costs while managing student information and ensuring records compliance, so that staff and teachers can focus on student needs wherever they are -- on-site or remote.

Key Features

Digital Registration

Students and families can complete their enrollment paperwork and upload documents, such as previous school transcripts and immunization records, online with no hassle.

Paperless Student Files

StudentTrac uses state-of-the-art technology to provide easy, web-based access to all student data so you can see everything you need in one place. Reduce paperwork by tracking attendance and delivering progress reports online.

Detailed & Customizable Reporting

StudentTrac has dozens of pre-built reports designed to identify trends and disruptions in student matriculation. These can be vital to understanding where and when your students need additional academic support.


Lending equipment out to students? StudentTrac can help keep track of computer hardware and help locate lost equipment.

Create Digital Tests, Quizzes, & Surveys

The easy-to-use platform supports remote, independent, hybrid, and blended learning models. Teachers can create quick and easy tests and surveys that are simple for students to complete.

Analyze and Predict Graduation Rates

StudentTrac's Multiple Planning Guide module allows easy tracking of courses and credits, as well as intelligent, individualized education plan management.

Federal and State Compliance

Accurate reporting is critical for student success, as well as to ensure proper school funding. The StudentTrac database and reporting functionality is CSIS-compliant and CALPADS-capable.


SafeTrac uses RFID technology to log the entry and exit of staff, students, and visitors who have been issued a SafeTrac ID card. Administrators can analyze attendance, conduct contact tracing, or account for persons during an emergency.

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