Attendance and Emergency


ProtectEd uses RFID technology to log the entry and exit of staff, students, and visitors who have been issued a ProtecEd ID card. The system is passive, meaning that users don't need to remove their cards from a wallet or pocket to be scanned upon entry, nor is there the need for geo-tracking cell phone apps that can cause data privacy concerns. Entry and exits are captured simply by passing through a door equipped with ProtectEd detection hardware and uploaded to a cloud database. ProtectEd reporting allows administrators to analyze attendance, conduct contact tracing, or account for persons during an emergency.


Attendance Tracking

ProtectEd completely automates attendance tracking for schools or offices - no more manual entry! For businesses, digital attendance logs can be used for timecard and payroll back-up, and employee management. For schools, ProtectEd makes state attendance reporting a cinch, and allows teachers to conduct quick evaluations of truancy trends. ProtectEd was also designed to integrate seamlessly with StudentTrac, logging student attendance directly into your centralized student information system.

Emergency Management

In the event of a crisis, from an active shooter situation to the COVID-19 pandemic, having a plan is the best way to ensure the safety of those under your care. In the case of emergency mustering, the ProtectEd cloud database can help you perform an accurate headcount and immediately report to authorities if anyone isn't present who should be. You can also use historical reports to trace contact in the event a student, staff member, or visitor tests positive for a serious infectious disease such as the coronavirus.


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